Lachy Norman

Lachy Norman

Environment & Conservation worker

Lachy Norman – Environment & Conservation worker

No money, no buy in, no catch 22, just show up for yourself and for others. A community of true humans.

Todays magical human is Lachy

A beautiful young man who has been around the project right from the start. Lachy is genuine, kind and wise beyond his years. Whoever comes into his orbit is better for it.

Having young people such as Lachy sharing THE Project principles is vital to this community continuing to make an impact to individuals lives and for that we are very grateful to him. Keep being your wonderful self Lachy and continue to make a difference in this world.

Lachy’s words:

What do I love about coming to the dips? Its hard to pinpoint one thing that I adore so much, but simply put its the feeling of home, of being apart of a process of unfolding, of growing, of finding myself part of a community of such open, nurturing and intelligent people trying to be the best they can be.

What benefits do I feel? Knowing I can handle anything that comes my way, be it external or internal. After I’ve crawled out of bed before the sun is up and I dive into that water, no matter how cold, nothing brings me down. And the conversations with the other crazy souls, it truly is so uplifting and never fails to plaster a smile across my face every morning.

What keeps me coming back? I love being asked this but its hard to put into words. It needs to be experienced. Seeing new people come down always reinstates why I keep coming back. This community truly thrives, every one has each others back. They’ll do anything for each other, no matter how big or small the favour. There is so much love, the morning dips are just the tip of the iceberg for what this community does and how much I adore every single face that shows up and leaves happier each time.

My mornings are always so much brighter when I come down to the dips; its my foundation, I cant imagine a life without it, and as it’s so hard in this fast paced, individualistic society with all it’s smoke and mirrors to find a genuine community who want nothing but the best from each person.

No money, no buy in, no catch 22, just show up for yourself and for others. A community of true humans.

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