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In a world that is in more DEBT than ever before, in a world that is more connected but at the same time personally disconnected than ever before and in a world that is more mentally, physically and emotionally unhealthy than ever before, we have decided to break the mould, to change the paradigm and to offer everything for NO COST to the individual. We will never use you and your personal data, we will never put you into a sales funnel, your hard earned money is yours!

We do not offer a FREE introductory day that leads you to our expensive course in the promise of something (HEALTH, WEALTH or HAPPINESS) that we can not deliver. Life here on earth is complex and we believe that it takes consistent daily actions over a long time that will help you get to a bit better place. 

We need to dare to build better more trusting communities that are genuinely there for each other with no catch! Where the follow on is always there FREE of charge.

We can do this by gaining private, corporate and government sponsorship and grants.  To deliver daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly events at NO COST to you!  We want to live in more connected and conscious communities.

They said "It'll never work"

We're proving them all wrong!

"Better Mental Health Starts With a Trusting Community"

Our communities are in need of an upgrade!

The Human Excellence Project provides and creates community, experiences, environment and culture in which individuals can explore their own development of the 5 Core Human Capabilities irrespective of their Stage of Human Conscious Development. 

🐘 It's time to talk about the ELEPHANT in the room 🐘


As a species, We are the most unhealthy we have ever been! 2/3 of Australians are over weight or obese! We have the highest rates of heart disease, cancer, auto immune disease & autism. We have the highest rates ever of addiction to drugs, prescription drugs and alcohol.


The Planet is in so much DEBT! Some estimates are as high as $250 Trillion USD. We have the highest levels of personal debt, the highest levels of company debt and the highest levels of government debt ever. Our children will be the ones who will have to pay this debt back!


We have the highest rates of depression, anxiety and suicide ever! With over 3 million people in Australia relying on anti-depressants each day! That’s 1 in 8 of us hooked on these pharmaceuticals to get through the day! We have over 250 attempted suicides and 8 suicides every single day.

There is HOPE with our FREE daily community programs


Surrounding yourself with strong people who are making better decisions will help you make better decisions for your own health. It's time to focus on your overall health. To focus on everything that goes into your body. Into your mouth, your eyes, your ears and into your heart through emotions.


Building stronger & more resilient communities, communities of people who challenge themselves every day to become the best version of themselves. We start every day with an early start, 50+ hugs, a cold plunge into the ocean and finally the real magic, connecting over coffee.


Making better decisions each and every day helps to build better habits and routines. Starting each day in full control by not pressing that snooze button. giving yourself 2hrs for your own personal growth, 2 hrs without electronic devices. In a place where no one cares what role you play at work!


Nearly everything we do at THE Project starts early in the morning. Creating new routines and habits for the rest of your life.

Human connection is not so common in our age of connectivity. We see lots of people but find our little cucoons to hide in. We don’t realize we’re craving a deeper connection with others until we actually find it.

Joy or happiness is an energy or a feeling that transcends activities. If we are in a state of joy or happiness, we are in a state of mind and feeling that is not dependent on what we are doing, where we are, or who we are with.

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