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Our famous morning dip

  • Rise & Prime is a free 365 day social support program
  • Operating from 5.15am to 8.45am weekdays and 7am to 10am weekends
  • Meet-up points at designated beaches, according to daily schedule
  • Over 21 hours of face-to-face support and interaction per week
  • Incorporating holistic wellness practices
  • The key feature of the program is a collective cold dip in the ocean
  • Twice a week we offer free meditation and breathwork sessions
  • The activities are followed with a coffee and chat before the group heads off to begin their day.
  • Weekends are family focused when children are encouraged and welcomed
  • Members have access to our private Facebook group to stay connected with each other outside of the daily program

Winter Schedule 2023

Hardcore Dippers Only! Our autumn and winter location & schedule is at Hillary Boat Harbour. We meet at the children’s beach at the same times.

We will change again in October when the open ocean is a bit safer.

Summer Schedule 2023

Summer Schedule 2023

All the summer morning dips will be at 6am weekdays and 7am weekends.

What are you doing to improve the mental health of your workforce?

Workplace Mental Well-being Impacts Workplace Culture

Mental Well-Being

Workplace Morning Workshop

Working with the leaders of Eire Total Access to help build a stronger more engaged workforce, which in turn cultivates a better company culture. Both directors Joe Brennan & Noel Sweeney are leading by example and are first into the ocean each time. They realised that their company culture needed addressing, so they decided to swap the Friday afternoon drinks for once a month early dips with breakfast and coffee. Giving their staff a 2hr morning mental health check in each and every month with us at the project.


  • Increased connection and team building
  • Tips to manage stress and anxiety
  • Increased awareness of mental health problems
  • Opportunity to share experiences with team members
Workplace Mental Well-being Impacts Workplace Culture

Mental Well-Being

Workplace Workshop

1hr Mental Health in the workplace workshop

Avid Group are focused on the mental well-being of their workplace.

Community Connect - Women's & Men's Events

  • Held monthly these evenings are offered as a safe space for individuals to build upon the existing friendships and bonds within the group
  • Tickets are earned by those who commit regularly to the morning Rise & Prime Program
  • Same gender group is important as there is a deeper understanding of each others experiences
  • We encourage the community to come together and use their voices, be seen and heard and to connect on a deeper level
  • Bringing people together to share experiences, ideas, life stories and wisdom.
  • Hearing stories from other women/men fosters empathy and helps us feel less alone
  • Focusing on a different theme each month helps to keep the group on topic and to grow and learn together

Evenings of Conversations and Philosophy

We have evenings where we invite some of Perths great thinkers and educators to talk about their work all for FREE!

Dr Stephen Bright – Head of Addiction at ECU Joondalup

Meera Finnigan & Emani Lea – A dance with death evening

Marcel Hof & Anicha Voss – Breathwork & Meditation

Does your workplace need a mental health boost?