About Us

Why are we doing this?

The current world we live in can be characterised by the following base elemental characteristics:

  • Volatile
  • Unknown
  • Complex 
  • Ambiguous 

It could be reasonably argued that while this directly applies to our outside world, these characteristics may well apply to our inner world as well.  

In order to meet these demands and thrive and flourish, The Human Excellence Project recognises the need for each person to individually develop, strengthen and refine the following 5 Core Human Capabilities:

  1. Openness: – remaining open to meet situations, people, thoughts and emotions with curiosity and acceptance and not closing up and becoming defensive
  2. Seek Alternative Perspectives: – actively seek and holding multiple perspectives to expand understanding of self, others and the world at large
  3. Sense-making: – refine the art and process of finding and creating meaning as we journey through life
  4. Inner Compass: – clarifying what is important in order to navigate life and take consistent action in this direction
  5. Compassion: – see and meet self and others with authentic grounded warmth and caring while also seeking to reduce suffering
Some Cool Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

People Impacted so far
Dollars Raised Last Year
Hrs of connection a year


  • We have provided positive & proactive mental, physical & emotional well-being to our community for nearly 3 years.
  • Joondalup city shire recognised our efforts by awarding Paul Holliday the Community Citizen of The Year Award for 2021
  • This last year we have had over 26,000 people join us for a morning dip.
  • We provided 12 free of charge breathe & freeze  ice bath events 
  • Mobilised a team of 35 people to help with the clean up operation after the recent bushfires 
  • Facilitated 12 women’s groups for over 200 women, aimed at improving mental health and well-being 
  • Completed a 200km bike ride to raise money for men’s mental health and suicide prevention 
  • Helped to Raise $100k charity donation for a 5 year old child and his family in his battle with leukaemia 
  • Took part in the Rottnest Channel Swim with 3 teams of 4 swimmers  participating
  • Provided twice weekly meditation and breathwork classes, free of charge, to the community. Helps to build solid life foundations to each person.
  • Partnered with EcoLuxe Events and Summer x Salt Markets to run Breathe & Freeze ice bath workshops for their health and wellness events 
  • Secured a $50K donation from The Australian Horizons Foundation & Flash Market

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