Robyn Kimbaly

Robyn Kimbaly

Construction Trafic Controler

Robyn Kimbaly – Construction Trafic Controler

Once I showed up and jumped off that jetty for the first time, I was hooked, that seems to happen to everyone

Todays beautiful soul is Robyn Kimbaly. A positive and bubbly person who brings a whole lot of happiness when she comes along to the dips.

Robyn always makes you feel appreciated and loved just by being you. Robyn has faced some health challenges head on with a huge smile, a bucket load of positivity and a warm heart.We love you Robyn, the day is brighter when we get to give you a big hug.

Here are Robyn’s words.

Why did you start coming to the dips?I met Paul at work and he was one of my fave people to talk to, he was always so kind, super inspiring, real and supportive.His wise words helped me through some tough times so when I saw he had set himself the early morning dip challenge for 365 days I was keen to get on board and show him my support. Once I showed up and jumped off that jetty for the first time, I was hooked, that seems to happen to everyone 🥶

Why have you continued to come to the dips?Where to start!T.H.E. Project is my home in my home away from home!The friends I’ve made their are my family.The smiles, the laughter, the chats, the HUGS….the singing and dancing! The silliness!The real, raw love and positive energy you receive from such like minded but at the same time such diverse souls.A morning with this community is the best buzz ever, it lifts every part of me. I don’t go as often as I’d like to but when I do it’s the best recharge I could wish for.I reset, its the perfect start to the day, just showing up is pushing out your comfort zone although mornings are my fave time of the day!I love anything a bit alternative but this is my fave thing, the ice baths being a new challenge I’ve started enjoying.Everyone is always so welcoming, I feel my company is so appreciated and wanted even if I haven’t been for a while.Absolutely amazing humans! 😍

How have you benefited since you started?Well I’m a pretty happy positive person but when I dip my super powers excel, I feel able to take on the world.I’ve smashed hospital appointments, nailed assignments, took on real life challenges and stresses so much easier as I know there’s support, smiles and hugs on tap if I need them. The good energy we share fully charges me so I’m able to spread that vibe with everyone else after.I’ve been taught my worth and actually feel it.I’ve learnt how to love myself more and be me which is amazing! It’s fully helped me to shine and sparkle way more than I could of ever imagined. Thankyou guys, I’m so grateful to have you in my life!I don’t think you could ever not take away something positive from a morning with this lovely lot, I encourage everyone I know to try it even just the once

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